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Photo Courtesy: Hernand Dapudong, LGU-Mlang Employee

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Welcome | Mlang Tourism Online Directory!

Tourism directory is not different from other online business directories, like directories of restaurants, accommodations, real estate, etc. Basically, it is a directory which consists of lists of tourists’ spots, accommodation, best rate, etc. It is a comprehensive travel resource for consumers, marketers, and educators. It also includes news, chat forums, travel product updates. Discover sites covering the range of travel and tourism, including destination guides, travel blogs, agencies, tour operators, reference, and news.

Find travel advice, information about tourism, chats and message boards. Tourism directory can be really a broad business directory. It depends on your target market. You can put up a tourism directory that only caters i.e. specific City or State or one whole country.

Online Directories in themselves are well optimized sites that can rake in search traffic. Online directories perform very well with long tail search terms, or keywords and phrases that are a bit more descriptive and detailed.

Data on tourism provide a panorama of the region as a tourist destination. The significance of the picture presented by the data manifests the importance accorded to the tourism industry by both the national and local leaders.

Specifically, tourism has become a twin source of foreign exchange receipts and livelihood, and employment opportunities for communities. Data on the tourism industry are therefore essential in providing vital links in development and of orchestrating campaigns aimed at promoting the potentials of the region as a tourist hideaway.

(Regional Social and Economic Trends, Central Mindanao, 1998, Chapter 8)


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